So after putting some serious thought about IF i should play or not to begin the competitiveness got the best of me and i went for the 10am game. I figure if i can make a payout early...i can seal the deal on first place...i know a bit risky but i feel like i have the skill to limit my mistakes to bad beats...and if they dont happen i can make payout Well that being said..i didnt make payout, came 135th, which is close but not enough for top 20% ( for what i hear 20% on is positive points) ... so i might of lost .50 or 1 point..not to sure. yeah...AK on the button when whole table folds and SB is sitting out..i made an all in with 2K chips in 200 400 blinds..thought i could get the ez steal and get to the payout BUT BB was holding poket 10s and tripped on the flop...good thing for me i wont be losing many points.. Also second and 3rd place busted a bit early so they will be losing some points as well....And that makes me think ima sit out this next tourney comin up...see how things play out...if they continue to do bad, i think i got this month sealed up... I'll keep u posted on how everything is playing out JjeSteRSharK