Well after getting off to one of my best starts since making 14th in August the usual is starting again.After getting up to more points than I had all of last month the poker gods have turned against me.Out in 900th today in the 1pm after runner runner flushes in consecutive hands beats my flopped set on one of them then in the next hand its AJ suited against A7 offsuit and guess what THE ACE SEVEN GETS THE FOUR CARD FLUSH come on, now im going to get nailed by negative points that will take days to try and regain.I don't know how I could improve my game,I only play good starting hands,I've got plenty of patience to wait for the right time to get my chips in the middle--I will of course try to gain my ranking back before the end of the month but I'm going to need luck on my side for a change.Well enough for now I was frustrated and just wanted to air it out..:lol: