$13 6 man sit and go. Bout 5 minutes in the guy on my left had donked his way down to 500 chips after chasing a few down. Im in big blind with kk and 1300 chips. He pushes his 500 from first position with 66 and everyone folds to me. Obviously i call and smile when i see the underpair. Now since im posting this you can probably predict the 6 on the flop. I would like to note however, i felt the 6 on the river was just disrespectful. I am a very active player so unfortunatly i am quite used to that type of result! I know you all have felt the pain. Im not happy, but not angry either. Still got 800 with blinds at 25 and 50. Patience will be the key to my revenge! My chance came again in the big blind. With blinds now at 50 and 100 and i,must admit, donked myself down to 450, sat with QT both clubs. My friend on my left, now overwhelming chip leader, calls with KQ offsuit. I check. Flop shows Q62 rainbow. He bets 200 i push the 350 i got left after the blind. The devestation i felt when i seen i was outkicked was short lived when theT came on the turn and the river a blank. Then he types in "of course" followed by "nice suckout" which was perfect because i had been waiting for just the right time to say " what comes round goes round".