I like the scoring system..... sort of.

There exists a serious dispairity between the big money at the top of our PSO leaderboard. Should a player who averages a higher score that another receive a lower ranking? Be rewarded with a lesser prize?

We don't all have 12-16 hours each day to dedicate to playing on-line poker. There has to be a cut-off to the number of tournaments played to allow more consistent players to catch up. 2 per day? 40 per month? I think the 6 tournaments per day was designed to allow players to fit their game in to their daily schedule of work, sleep and family. If someone actually has time for more poker  there are plenty of venues outside of the PSO games to fill their poker playing desires. If, persay, you had only one chance each day to accumulate points would that change your playing style? I don't think it would.

I read many posts that suggest multiple divisions within the PSO.  The majority for the purpose of weeding out the "donks" and "shove monkeys."   I don't want that, but I would like to see an adjustment to the ranking system. 

The Major League Baseball batting title goes to the player with the highest batting average, not the player with the most hits. There is a minimum number of at-bats required to be eligible for the batting title. This is a working model for a fair and balanced ranking system. With the strength-of-field built into the scoring system, a PSO version of the same concept would be even more equitable than the MLB's.

Here's The Downside

By keeping the current ranking system, PokerStars is rewarding the insatiable, addicted player. It's a casino owner's mentality; "Keep 'em playing!" These players aren't seeing their points gain with every substantial points finish, they're instead, seeing the potential amount of cash lost by not playing at a $20 +2 tournament. It's a school and we are here receiving training. Training happens by administering either positive or negative sanctions based on performance. (hence the scoring system) The end of the month rewards go to the players who, in most, but not all cases, play the most tournaments.

I would like to, and would appreciate, reading alternate viewpoints on this subject. I would really like to hear a response from the PSO staff regarding the rankings and prizes.

May the Flop be with you,

Jimmy G