I think I'm watching a big mistake in progress as I type. I'm watching a player who is currently ranked in the top100. His very first hand cost him almost 2/3 of his stack. Now, he is milking the clock and he's drained his time bank. He did limp in twice from good position so he didn't just give up completely.

So here's my question to all of you.

Should he work the clock or should he try to see more hands? Blinds are still 10/20.

Working the clock so early just means that you'll see less hands per blind level. Barring a huge run of luck, he's going to lose points tonight. He took his big hit so early in the tournament that he could get back on his feet in a reasonable time frame. His points are so high that an early exit would prove costly on the leaderboard.

While I'm writing play continues and he has doubled up but is still has only about 15% of the average stack and down to 3 BBs. Make that 2BBs

After the initial hit I'm sure damage control was his main goal. He will need to make it to about the top 600 to get to  +/- 0 points.... He's UTG and these upcoming blinds will wipe him out. 645 players remain.

He let his BB go and played the sb,  4-5 offsuit which hit nothing and out at 624th. So there's a situation in a nutshell. A points loss but with clock management he minimized the damage, Is there an absolutely right or wrong way to play that tournament after taking such a devistating hit on the first hand he played? At that point he still had 30 BBs

....and yes, I do type that slow.       BTW the early hand was... AA raised 3 BB (out of position), call by AQo from the BB, flop... Qxx    x     x ...... AA bet aggressively and AQ called all the way.