Yea, though I walk through the vally of death I shall fear no Bubble.....

Let me begin with a situation...

You're having a pretty good outing. Not great, but your doing OK. You've dodged a few Donks, sucked out once and then it happens... You take that major hit !    Damn!!!!  ( or your favorite personal expletive)

You find yourself left with about 4 BBs, a rapacious ante amount is threatening your stack as badly as the blinds and you're out of position. If you bust out right now you'll get about 21 points for your 2 hours and 47 minute effort. There's a break coming soon which you could really use to regroup. Also the Money Bubble is getting very close.

As I've mentioned before, there is a 60% increase in points once inside the micro-thin skin of the money bubble. That is a significant increase! 

Is it time to ignore the game situation? Did you ever watch a Space Shuttle launch and hear the command "decrease thrust through the area of maximum dynamic pressure" that occurs about 30 seconds into the flight? That's to minimize the possibility of damage. 17 seconds later you'll hear "Go with throttle up." They are through the bubble. "Copy, we are Go with throttle up" 

You could sit out, minimize PokerStars, go take a shower and go out for a cheeseburger. If you do that I hope your burger is burnt and your fries are soggy, but when you arrive back home and check your results you will find yourself a penny richer and 14 points higher than if you had payed no mind to the bubble AND had unfortunate results. Risking it on the outside of the bubble WITH fortunate results could be the catalyst to make a deep run in the tournament. That's a good thing!

You be the judge of how you want to play the Bubble. It's a points-based league and The Money Bubble is a real obstacle which has to be negotiated. I hope you're sitting on a massive stack and the bubble passes by without you even noticing.  In some situations-like the one above- it means tanking the tournament for the points. Not exactly the most honorable way to play, but sometimes you have to guarantee survival even if you have to hack off a limb to do it.

If you missed it, make sure to read Seagull_2005's post which takes on the opposing viewpoint.

Until next time, Reduce thrust through the area of maximum dynamic pressure, then go with throttle up!!!

Jimmy G.