Is everyone ready for the new month? I'm NOT!!!!!

I didn't play much in the past week. I made a run at trying to get my VPPs and it really didn't go well. I lost about 70 cents after being up about 70 cents at the .01-.02 tables. That really took the wind out of my sail. I should have seen the whole thing coming from the beginning when I caught a miracle nut flush flop. The next hand I hit my set on the flop and then the world fell apart. Maybe next time I should grab my 70 cents and run. Of course not! That's not why I was there - it was all about building my VPPs. Well, I did get 2 more VPPs out of it, but that still leaves me 16 short for the month. Not that I'm in the top 1000 anyway. I would have to average one tourney per day with good results to get into the top 1000. I don't have that kind of time.

Have you all seen how much Poker the top1000 plays? Where do they find the time to dedicate to this, and still more to accumulate their VPPs. What am I missing?

I'm a casual player with an ultra micro BR. It's no secret... I have $8.00... that's it.  Taking 1/5 of that to the Micro tables is a big risk.  I like the $0.25 MTTs but they don't help my VPPs since ther's no fee for them, and that's another reason I like them. Hmmm Paradox!

Hey, does anyone know what's the smallest check PokerStars will send out. I would love to just frame a $1.00 check and hang it on the wall in front of me for inspiration. Is it even legal for me to receive money from PokerStars in the U.S.?