Just read some posts. There are a lot of bloggers out there smacking the Donks around. Me? I like Donks. They fund my habit !

Look, You get two cards and they're yours to do what you want. If a player wants to bet it all holding 7 2 offsuit, That's that players right. I say "Go For It"

AA in a limit game is only a pair. In no-limit it's strong because you make it strong. How many Pots do you take down with only a pair in a showdown. Not many. I forget... Which two hole cards are the ones that are automatic winners? OK I get it, it really stinks when your Pocket Aces get blown up. Sometime next week or tomorrow or later tonight they're going to get blown up again. It's life.

Is your opponent still a donkey if he turns over KK to your AA when you call his all-in?  Suited Connecters, ie...3-5 suited, have a better chance of winning than the KK. There's already a chance that neither of the other two kings are in the deck. One or both may have been folded or they sit near the bottom of the deck and will not be in play.

Let's go easy on the Donks,  they don't need the verbal abuse. Karma is a banker by trade and always pays you back with interest.