I had a warm-up ticket in December, but I didn't get one for January. I don't know why I got the December ticket. I think it said it was because I built up a certain amount of PSO League points. But I didn't play skill league tournaments that much. The other strange thing was that when I got the ticket the e-mail came from Intellipoker.... whoever they are. I liked playing the warm-ups and would enjoy it again. I can't find anything about how to earn the ticket in PSO's info.

I'm sure I missed something and I'll continue to read further. If anyone can share some insight into this I would appreciate it.

Just busted out of tonight's 8:00 event with an 82nd place and another penny earned.  I couldn't catch a hand for the last 4 rounds to protect my blinds. What? shove holding 6-2 ? I'm good with this finish. Positive points!!! 

I looked at the points leader's game log... 2 pages of games played. Almost all were respectable finishes. Now help me out with the math at home...an average of 10 hours of poker per day X 30 days = 300 hours of poker in the month. Even if you finish in 1st place your earnings are $5.00 / hr.

Most who put that amount of time in are trying to catch the leader and will end up with $50.00 for their effort. I'm not even going to do the math on that one... it would be too depressing. OK it's just under 17 cents per hour.

Ha!!!! listen to me go on... I just earned 1/3 cents per hour and I'm quite pleased about it.

That just seems like a massive amount of time to me. Who has that much free time in their lives?