By now we know which hands to play, which to raise, when to raise and when to fold.

J4... fold

 We're learning patience... Mind numbing patience.

8-2... fold

 We're waiting on the good hands and not playing rags,

3-4... fold

 but that means we are only seeing the flop about 4% of the time.

T5.. .fold

Waiting on the good cards; maybe a couple of cowboys to get the adrenaline going

7-2... fold

BB.... Q8... not horrible!  All-in??? Nah... not with Q8. Enjoy my blinds....Jerk!
sb... A3... A raise to 4 BB and 2 calls before it get's to me. There's some pocket pairs and a well kicked Ace out there... forget the sb too! Fold!

Around it goes twice more and the blinds increase twice and I still haven't caught hole cards to do anything with. I'm dealt J3, J2, J4...  7-2 about 3 times. A weak Ace twice... QJ ! 3BB to see a flop. Call!

Now is that really all that good of a hand. It has potential but that's about all. I need a good flop...7-7-A.

before we go any further... what do I have? Nothing! If he bets I have to fold. He bet!

Just that fast I am approaching last place. Down to 1200 and watching the other stacks grow. I'm so sick of playing the short stack. A few more auto-fold hand later and I peek down to see... 

JJ It's still early but Blinds will be 50/100 very soon which puts me at 10BB. Action on me early and I throw out 4 BB, 1/6th of my stack. the 2 big stacks aren't worried about 4BB. They call and one other player too. A player who has been playing tight like me...tighter than me.Flop comes AQ6. I don't like that flop. I just stuffed 18% of my chips in that pot when I should have stuffed those Jacks in the Muck! I check, next guy bets, next guy is all-in, the tight player calls the all-in and I ....fold.

5-7, T2, 7-2, 7-2, 8-3, and J3. I lose my blinds again and realize that the last 3 tournaments went the same way. Needless to say I found myself cornered and got busted.Last 3 times out  I never grabbed a single pot in any of them. That has to be a record.

So what is a playable starting hand? it's relative to the starting hands you've been dealt. J-T off feels like cowboys right now.

Patience is good but there has to be something worth waiting for.