I wish I had a clue how to play poker!

One thing is certain, I'm learning how to play the short stack. Actually, if you consider my results I am learning how NOT to play the short stack. Now rather than boar everyone with 2 or 3 paragraphs of whining about my best hand being bested. I'll let the reader fill that section in with their own crushing experiences.

So I'm watching some poker on ESPN over the weekend - I think it was the PCA Caribbean - and I see a certain poker pro all-in against a regular Joe. The pro is way behind, 10s v. Kings I think. Does it matter? Of course not. I knew the Pro would flop his set and win the hand. That's why he's a pro. It's not because he so good, it's because he so lucky.

It's all luck, you either have great luck or you don't. It's just that simple. The theory of probability says that you should be dealt AK and equal number of times that you're dealt 72; AA equally to 33, etc. The theory of equalibrium states that throughout all the poker hands dealt to all the poker players that balance is achieved. So I ask ... which one are you?

I know that AK isn't an automatic winner, but it nice to enter a battle with a little ammunition. Does Lady Luck owe you some nice starting hands? I know for a fact that she owes me! So where are all the AKs that I'm owed? all the AAs??? Equalibrium cannot be denied, it always finds its balance. Who has all these extra Aces and Kings that I don't? Those individuals are the Pros. Who could blame them? If someone is so much more fortunate than others why wouldn't they play their luck card. (no pun intended)

Now I've recently posted about a few lucky hands. I'm not completely devoid of Lady Luck's touch, but it is rare. Some of the players you'll come up against are so favored by luck that they have come to expect it. The marqee wins that I have come to cherish are commonplace to them. Look at Jamie Gold the year he won the WSOP. There was no skill involved in his play. He was dealt the cards. He plays like every other donkey when put in a room with his supposed peers. It's funny how the internet poker twentysomething crowd has been dominating the Pros lately. Must be from playing with all those Pogs when they were kids. Remember them? What the heck were they all about anyway?

Ah, my point you ask? Know your place on the luck scale. Before you push your AQ know that someone has you covered and he has you beat.