Funny how you never remember dealing them out but you recall with great detail the ones you take. Been taking more than my fair share of them the past few weeks. I'm on a strange run of aces, got aces about 6 times in the last week and have been paid nothing more than the blinds for them. It's not like I'm going all in when I catch aces. but I do make sure I put out a significant raise to ward off the rags getting lucky.

How often do you find yourself with overly aggressive (players) and flopping a monster. They just give you their chips! You sit back and think "this game's easy." That hasn't been happening lately. At All ! It's nice when it happens early in a tourney while the blinds are low enough to see some flops that you normally wouldn't limp in to. And if the bet gets raised above what you're comfortable with you can just dump your cards and chips because their relative value is so much smaller than if you had not hit the big early pot.

My quest for Ca$h went quite well after my skill league finish at 27th and receiving a daily warm-up ticket. I was able to finish in the top 6 twice in December but I unregistered both times and took my T-money to the cash SnGs. That allowed me to turn T-money into Real Money. I won't gamble the real money. "It's just for lookin' through"

I played the 25 cent, 45 player SnGs almost exclusively. (there's no fee for them) Played tight /aggressive but kept aware of stack management. I would be lying if I said it was my mad skills that helped me to finish in the money. It was lady luck each time. At least once per game I made the call only to see the bad news before me. I would catch my ace on the flop holding AKs only to find that my tablemate had flopped the wheel. Only a miracle can save me now ! Why didn't I raise higher pre-flop?!?!?!? I should have pushed him right off that hand !!!!  Anyway, two running diamonds later I escape certain death and slowly begin to feel my heartbeat again. I would love to be able to sit here and tell you how good I am at Poker, but that would be a bluff. Only once through the month of December did I make a call knowing full well I was probably behind, but with 10 outs how could I let it go? Here's that hand...

Dealt Kings... raised about 4 Bb...(I think blinds were 75/150 got 2 calls.
Flop... KJT... I bet 600... first guy folds, second guy goes all-in and he has me covered.

Now I'm sitting on about 20 big blinds I don't want to do anything foolish- I want to make it to the final 6 but I have to hit one more pot just to get to the final table while playing tight and this guy is offering to double me up. Yeah, it's not quite crunch time. I could muck my set and wait out something better. I know what this guy has. He called the big raise holding AQ. He flopped Broadway! or maybe not? Bluff? He's been watching me play tight and fold almost everything. He knows I probably hit a set on a painted pair and he knows I will pay him for his straight if I did. What's he holding? Two pair to crush the AA he thinks I have? KJ? JT? KT? Maybe I'm NOT behind. He might have hit a lesser set!!!! If he has the AQ I still have 10 outs..... Ok I need the board to pair. Call. Let's see the AQ. I was not disappointed. I was dogmeat! AQ !!! "%#$@&"

C'mon Jack! C'mon Ten!........ 8

Oh well. What fantastic luck some people have. Dude flopped broadway as I flop the top set. Sick, just sick!!!!

... 8

I didn't get it right away. I was still looking for the jack or ten to swoop down from Poker heaven and save me. What fantastic luck some people have!!! That's what makes the game fun and frustrating all at the same time. Two Big hands, a big pile of chips in the middle and the best starting hand coming through in the end.

I think you have to have luck to ever get ahead. I lose that hand 99 times out of 100. I guess that's why I wrote about it . My odds and the book odds are 2 different things. I rarely catch the nut flush. Book odds are almost 50% when drawing twice holding 4 to a flush. My personal odds are closer to 10%. I'm the guy who has held the bottom end of a straight flush only to lose to the top end. I also lost quad 9s to a straight flush. Does this happen to anyone else? Beats like that are impossible! Aren't they?

Thanks to anyone who actually reads my ramblings.

Jimmy G