Level 18 after 3 hrs 18 mins and I have 4 cents for my effort. That is actually 4x the amount of my goal. I just squeezed through the bubble for the 4 cent payout and finished 27th of 1200.

Two years of Play Money, mostly SnGs I finally found the freerolls and took a shot at trying to get real money from them.  First attempt to get to the 4 cents, but I did it. I hate to admit it but the Poker School advise that was contradictory to my usual style is what kept me alive for so long. I never got better than Jacks the whole time. AQs once.... 72u about 20x ! I needed to survive and did so. Huge stacks to either side. I didn't stand a chance since the cards weren't working for me. My mind is exhausted. Must Sleep!