o'k i'm known to post some negative stuff it's like i'm only inspired to post when i'm complaining so i'm gunna be positive today o'k i done well last night in a 4 max tourney got 5th was sick how i got knocked out but there u go so i won 98 dollers for 4.40 making my bankroll 120 dollers so i have plenty of play so i am now going to try and win a little bit more so i can buy into the red spade but my luck today is awfull so came here to take a break and gaither my thoughts find some zen there are day's like this wen u can sit there all day long and no playable cards will come and when they do they loose but looks like on those day's i will have to try and make the losses at a minimum if possible but overall i love stars even on the bad day's having played most other sites this defo tops the lot on every level most others have to many gimmics, anyhow i have alot of improving to do and stop getting married to AK or AQ when i get them i play them like i'm suppose to win the hand and really any 2 cards can win so i gotta calm down with them o'k il leave there for know, i hope some1 is encouraged by this read, cuz i have been encouraged by alot of posts on this. gl all