**Update: Read through the SNG Course, regardless of whether or not you plan on taking the test just yet. It was recommended to me, but I was so amped up about playing as many tourneys as possible that I put it off til later. There is valuable information to be had there, and I believe it would have changed the outcome of the latter two tourneys mentioned here significantly.**

Well, it's 2:08 here in Mississippi, and I've got plenty of time to start my blog and let my lesson from the last tourney sink in.

The first tourney was great fun. I was dealt a few great starting hands and won a few small pots. However, I could have greatly increased their value by betting pre-flop rather than practically giving away my hand by waiting until the turn to increase my wager. Lesson learned.

The second tourney @ 12:00 saw my ranking decrease by over three hundred, but I managed to play a bit tighter and apply some of the strategies suggested by my fellow players during the previous match. Overall, given the cards I was dealt, I was pleased with the outcome, so I immediately registered for the 2:00 tourney hoping for better luck.

The tourney started @ 2:00 and saw me make a truly amateurish mistake. I was dealt KK, and after seeing several players fold, I began a betting spree. Now in hindsight, my pre-flop bet should have been larger and more intimidating. I believe this might have deterred the winning player from seeking to improve his hand, but whether or not that would have been the case, I found myself so caught up in the notion that I held the dominant hand, that I actually lost all focus of the game and went all in against my only remaining opponent's straight.

Bad poker playing plain and simple.

I do think that several factors helped contribute to my poor judgement, though. Playing tight through two tournaments back to back had allowed me to become slightly bored, and the thought of making a big pot win on the first hand severely clouded my judgement.

You see, there's a vast difference in playing aggressive and playing stupid, and I'm really glad that I made this mistake early on. Now, I'm going to have a cup of coffee and a smoke, meditate on my mistakes, and hopefully I'll see you all on the felt come 7:00.