Poker and bad beats go hand in hand, or in some cases hand for hand.  And one of my biggest concerns with internet poker is; how do I know if I am going through a bad beat or getting burned by an unfair algorithm or a program that favors bad players?  I hope to open a venue for conversation re: strange hands you have encountered online and whether or not you feel it is luck, or something more sinister. At very least this is the time and appropriate place to vent, (exceptions, that DONKEY called the A,7 off I limped with from UTG with his free BB 9,Ts, picked up his Straight-Flush on the river and proceeded to follow my bets ‘till I was all in and busted out  at 4000th in my favorite tourney! That darn donkey! Donkey donkey donk-donk Badonk-a-donk-donkey!) I really don’t want to hear about it, you know who you are.

To be concise, thoughts for and against the theory that online poker is rigged.


·         I have never in my life had cold set last as long as they last on PS.
·         I have never seen so many good hands busted by bad/ unplayable hands on the River. I’ve seen unlikely wins before but there are some vicious rivers here, and it happens multiple times per game.
·         There are those who feel PS would not survive without giving an advantage to unskilled players… good players will ride out a downturn where bad players will lose interest in poker entirely.
·         If PS did not bias towards bad players only good players would win tournies, yet we see new names at the top of the leader board’s consistently.
.          Interesting and exciting hands like AA or AA v KK v QQ just don't happen five times a table IRL... it does happen here tho.


·         Cold happens, no telling how long it will last or how deep it will run.
·         More inexperienced players chase down low-mid straights, sometimes they get lucky. A huge amount of inexperienced players all chasing down inside straights vs bullets will make it seem like there are more river saves.
·         Perhaps the, “good” player failed to interpret the flop and turn or the opponents play and made a truly undisciplined decision to push/ call with their hand, bad breaks aren’t bad breaks when bad play is involved.
·         Any site that gets caught cheating is going to lose EVERYONE, good and bad.
·         We all saw, (w/out naming names)a few undisciplined new faces at the WSOP final tables this year, poker is a game of both skill and luck… two things that ppl without seem to think they are full of, (let us NOT discuss what they are really full of,).

The previous were just some quick conversation starters. Let me hear your thoughts and pls. feel free to share your experiences with online poker and bad breaks.  Give some thoughts in hindsight too; did you play your hand properly, did you make an error now that you think about it, did you not understand the odds of 2,2 beating you’re A,T?  What are your thoughts?