The day after my 4th play DE Skill League finish, I woke up groggy and hungover to find a Facebook $ 0.10 League game about to begin. I was watching TV shows, like I usually do while playing, and ran quite lucky early on, so I made it to the money without any major decisions, having doubled up with KK twice. Pretty soon the game was simply shove/fold, which is usually fairly easy in a field like this (lots of low-ace calls, for example, means AQ is usually a dominating hand). I lost a big pot with AQs vs A3o, though, when the 3 hit a freak 4-card flush on the board, and I was a definite short stack by the final table. Ultimately I shoved with TT and lost to QK (I'd folded JJ twice before to avoid coinflips, but as a shortstack, I didn't see a way out). I should probably have folded and waited for an extremely short stack nearby to be anted out, but it's always better to go out fighting I guess and I was very happy with my finish: 6th place for $ 6.43, representing 6330% profit!
After that I played two $ 0.25 SnGs, one a 45-player and the other 90. Made it pretty deep in both; lost to a slowplayed set in the former for 13th (deserved it) but ended up second in the 90-player one. I played pretty strong and got into heads up with an almost 2 to 1 chip lead, but ran unlucky and ultimately got busted with JQ vs 24 all in preflop, which was a little sick. Still, I was very happy, and ended Day 2 with over $ 10, which was I had not expected.

Grinded $ 0.25s for a while after that, with the occasional $ 0.55 1-seat Added PSO Satellite, and some Facebook freerolls. Kind of tough sometimes - lots of variance, so dry stretches up to 9-10 tourneys long, and I rarely play more than 2 at a time. Sample of non-cashed tournament last hands: KK vs AJ; Board KJ8-J, we get it all in - I have a good read and slowplayed the flop to avoid scaring him with K pair; river J. KK vs 55 preflop all in; 5 pairs the turn. AQ vs AK (unavoidable, because you catch them out with (A7-AJ so much). JJ vs 3K with 338 flop, where I simply couldn't credit him with a 3 to my 4 bb preflop raise.
But variance is variance. Approximately 50% return on investment in the $ 0.25s at this stage. Have only lost money with the larger buy-in, non-brm MTTs which I should not be playing. Finally got bored and decided to start grinding $ 1.50 heads-up SnGs before I technically could; finished today with over $ 30 (including the $ 10 bonus from a previous deposit). I've been a bit tilty with the longer SnGs lately, and I'm usually reading something or watching a movie while playing them, so I've resolved to be more focused and play in shorter chunks instead, which means grinding heads up SnGs. Less variance, though, which is good - my goal is to break 80% win rate at $ 1.50 stakes. Running 12-5 so far.