Disclaimer: I deposited 10 Euros before, got up to a little over $ 40 and lost it playing drunk and on tilt. I was left with a few cents, which I wasted with the $ 0.02 hyper-turbos (which are, by the way, effectively dicerolls).

The first few steps were pretty easy, if time-consuming. I'd played a couple of PSO Skill League games and Facebook Freerolls with little success, but I somehow still have my DE Skill League tickets (used to be at intellipoker.de) and I finished 12th for $ 0.07, then 4th for $ 0.72. The last hand was quite interesting:

I'd just doubled up and I had quite a healthy stack, so I raised to isolate and got re-raised by a fairly loose player. I didn't really think the decision through, just snap called - would have been hard to walk away from AJ and 1/4 of my stack - but in retrospect it was a fairly bad play. I'd eliminated a few players already with dominated Aces and I knew he wouldn't re-raise me here with worse than AJ, so I was either looking at a coinflip against a small pocket pair, domination with a higher ace, or slim odds against a very high pocket pair. I'd made some pretty difficult folds already, including JJ and TT to an all-in bet (wanted to get into better spots than ~50/50) but I wasn't thinking clearly during this hand, which sucks, because this was like four-five hours in.

Still, I had made enough to play some non-turbo SnGs, which was my main goal. My next goal was to grind $ 0.10 Facebook League MTTs and $ 0.25 45- and 90-player SnGs until about $ 40, after which I'd start playing $ 1.50 heads-up SnGs. More on that in the next post.