I guess it's every poker player's dream to build a bankroll from nothing. Chris Ferguson started it, maybe, and other pros like Daniel Negreanu and boku87 have followed suit. It's not really about the money: building a bankroll from air is the final vindication of a player's ability, proof that they have internalized not just the skills required to win consistently at poker but also the discipline to manage a bankroll and overcome that near-mythical enemy, "variance".

I'm not a brilliant player, so I don't know how viable this is. But I know that posting tournament reports and hand analyses publicly will keep me motivated, and that's my only real goal in writing this blog. Poker is often a flamboyant game, in the sense that all poker players strive for external recognition of their skills, but that's not why I'm starting this blog. Ultimately poker is personal game, played alone and against one's self almost as much as against other players. So this blog probably won't interest anyone nearly as much as me, which is fine. But I'd appreciate all comments and ideas, if you do get here somehow.

Some details -  I think the classic variation depends on cash games, mostly, to make money, but I have more experience and, I think, an edge with SnGs and MTTs, so I think I'll be playing mostly these. My bankroll guidelines are as follows: 200 big bets for FLHE; 20 buy-ins for NLHE; 25 buy-ins for SnGs; 60 buy-ins for MTTs. They're subject to modification though, I guess, and of course early on I won't be able to keep them at all. Also, for the purposes of bankroll management I will treat satellites as "tools" to buy into MTTs at lower costs, that is, I will need 60 buy-ins to the satellites rather than the tournaments themselves.

Final thoughts.. I'll be experimenting with various strategies, like small ball in deeper tournaments and modifying style to counter opponents in HU/SnGs, and I'll be posting here about my successes and failures in that sense. I'll also be playing a couple of different games, probably Omaha and Stud, mostly, but for lower limits than hold'em considering my lack of experience with them.

Here goes!