So over the past few days, I considered starting a blog. After a hand in today's 17:30 tourney, I decided it was a good time to start.

I had a little over 6000 in chips, getting close to the money. I find myself out of position with 7h-7s and limp in. There are 3 players. Flop turns Jh  10h  8h, and all 3 of us check around. Turn Comes. 7c. One player bets a little less than half the pot, and I call, the other folds. I figured my 10 outs were pretty decent to get a full house or better, assuming that the other player had a higher heart than I did.

Next comes the fun part.

River card was 7d. I go all in and am called. The other player had Ah 2h with an ace high flush. The moral of the story is, while slow playing is good at times, it can also get you in some real trouble. I eliminated slow playing most hands i normally would have this month, and can honestly say I see a big improvement in my playing this month. My rank has improved greatly, and my tournaments have become increasingly consistant.

Never had I expected such a runner runner draw. It is nearly statistically impossible, but poker has that kind of aura, improbable is still possible.

Hopefully my playing continues to improve and helps me someday reach the top 100 of the leaderboard.