I've been 24 tabling nl 10 got my bonsues put onmy deposits and its basically whats been keeping me even im literally down 200$ and its slightly embarassing i spent alot of time revampign my strategy i knew there was something wrong with it i never felt it was very um consistent i guess is the word too passive also had to restrict my tables and my tournament buyins believe me i wouldve moved up to nl 200 if it werent for that.

Tilt is a bad thing make sure you restrict your tournaments and your table stakes when your grinding and are a cash game player if ur reading this blog i swear to god ull feel the urge to just move up to nl 400 with ur entire roll or buy into the largest tournament u can buy in to, don't do it restrict it now poker is winnable u just have to find the right strategy.  I basically adjusted my preflop and postflop play and some other things i dont want to list it out the entire revamp i did just in case but ive changed alot of % around and # of hands played along with aggression numbers etc to bsaically increase my winning consistentcy.

for anyone else who reads this make sure to utilze EVERYTHING to get the advantage if u have not bought pokertrackersince it is legal to use on pokerstars i suggest you do that now it's a very very helpful tool in understanding where ur play is going wrong and where you can improve.  Alsoessential for multitabling. u should not multitable without ptracker.

Neway like i said down 200$ in 4 days but i had my first winning session today and it was over about 4k hands so im pretty excited i think i cut alot of loose ends and basically increased theconsistenty of my play ill run through some numbers if i end up right i almost broke laptop today when board was a 4 5 and villian called my prf raise with 23 offsuit and i had pocket 5s but all in all i think i can do this.

Scratch that I know I can do this.