deposited 100$ quickly busted it then redeposited 80$ grinded up to about 300$ 24 tabling 9 max i tried various ranges and bet sizing overall i eventually opened my range hit huge variance tilted bustoed redposited flipped it at flhu back up to 230 pretty scared.  Not sure what the best strategy to beating nl 5 really is i try pure tightness vp 7 pr 7 i try fullblown range playing suited connectors to raises along with pps and everything all with varying results i find a mixture works best around 15% of hands played 7% to a raise focus on not bluffing find that cbets are unprofitable and best preflop raise size is 4 bb + 1 per limper.  worried that pstars deposits will bounce because cant use card anymore.  ptracker has been marginally helpful i feel i might start dividing up tight and loose tables screenwise loose on bot tight on top.  opening up range worked best against tighter tables. playing 15/7 worked best at donk tables going crazy though hit goldstar vip status and just feel like poker is all luck.  I took almost literally 30 buyins of badbeats which caused my tilt rage br went from 300 to 220 in one day at nl 5 24 tabling, with a 40 buyin rule i was furious at the variance it was like every single time i was all in ahead they just hit. I felt like Pstars was rigging me it was the sickest downswing i ever had playing poker hate it set over set everyday all the time its insane but whatever im back to 220 im going to take a day off and just chill then ill fire out 15/7 on all tables and just play 4 bb instead of 2.5 i was testing 2.2 at one point but 4bb+1 limper seems to work best then cbet at half the size of pot everyhand and dont cbet that much because ull usually get called or min raised back -_-;; min raise wtf wtf wtf.

so basically summary

150k hands played up 200$ 1k hands to tilt down 300$

4 bb + 1 limper vp 15 / 7 pr  seems to work best at loose micro stakes tables
2.5 bb + 1 limper huge range seems tow ork best against other sick grinders like urself running the tight strategy.

things will improve i know im a good player i play very well just passed all the quizes today going to play in this pso thing for today and then grind tommorow so i dont tilt again also going to restrict my tables so i cant move up stakes this time also going to restrict tournaments so i cant donk rage into tournaments and just sort of chill and then grind outgoldstar i dont think ill hit platinum although that was my goal for this month