Hello, my name is Jesper, and I am a 24 years old poker player from Denmark who have been playing poker since I was 19. The first couple of years was not a success, far from it, but I always saw it as expenses for education, I knew I would get better, and I just had to practice hard and keep learning. Now the last couple of years have been pretty succesfull and I have done very well in both MTT SnG's and MTT's. I just decided I want to challenge myself, so I cash outet all money except $10 and I want to reach $10,000 and play Sunday Million etc. by that time.

My plan is to first grind the $0.25 45-Man SnG's, from $10 to $50 bankroll, and after that add some $1 45-man SnG's. When I got $100 I'll stop playing the $0.25 ones, and continue with the $1 ones.


More will come!