You know, predictability is something I like in poker.  I like it when an opponent signals he is comfortable with his hand and may or may not fold under pressure. I generally know what to do in such circumstances and will probably start doing better once I stop overvaluing my hands.

But is not predictability a two way street, at least early in large mtts with deep stacks? Should I not be communicating clearly...for example that I am happy with my hand, but do not really want to stack commit at this point. Variance is not my friend, nor is it the friend of reasonable opponents.

It seems to me communication might generate more chips. In one sense by saying no one need worry, I am not aiming for their stack unless they give it to me. So reasonable bets to encourage a reasonable call if I am playing for value. And who knows, I may have a monster if someone mistakes being reasonable for weakness and shoves.

I dunno really, I like doubling up as much as the next person....but would rather do it when I am very happy with the cards. Winning smaller pots (relative to stack sizes) will do me just fine until then.