And the PSO forum is truly a worthy stake-out (for me as opposed to my State run, money losing, graphite mine operation in the last blog) The hand analysis sections should almost be a mandatory ghost for learning both technical aspects and the mindset of players. But I recently created a thread in the beginner section where I mumbled incoherently about some outlandish thought or another.

The content is not worth checking out, but something interesting did happen. After several dumdidum replies, a poster entered the thread in a rather protagonistic manner. I did not mind that at all as I moderate a living virtual hell-hole somewhere on the internet and post there quite regularly. So I generally have the skin of a concrete elephant (to misquote blackadder) when it comes to uhm critique of my perspectives.

The adverserial commentary had me think through my original question with greater vigour than would otherwise have been true - and following a thought to its conclusion is usually valuable. But here is the thing; I have not been playing poker for long, so my thoughts have generally been dominated by mundane technical issues on how to improve. The thread in question opened a whole new world for me as I found myself thinking meta-poker. Here is the process.

1. My oh my, he is being a bit obnoxious for question posted in the beginners section.
2. Do I care? Not really.
3. But wait. Does he play poker in my range (yes, I think he does)?
4. Does he seem commited to his commentary (After checking his general posts - he does).
5. If I "shove" now with a provocation, is it likely he will remember that and me (maybe)
6. Could that prove advantagous if we ever play on the same table (dunno).

The last point being that I would love having a player wanting to teach me a lesson at a table if I have expectations it clouds his vision and makes him a poorer player than normal against me. I have no idea if this would have been the case, nor did I shove to upset him and imprint the forum exchange in his memory.

My point is that discussion in the PSO forum prodded my mind to think of poker in a new way. Which is a huge thing for me.

So thanks, you adverserial son of a gun. You taught me something.