Please excuse the mixed metaphore. But it seems to fit the spirit of poker terminology. We do after all live in a land were donkeys and sharks play together on streets and rivers....I sometimes miss yellow submarines, schnappis (little crocodiles), and puffy, magic dragons - just to mix things up and confuse me still more.

Gold-mine may be a slight exageration in my case. Perhaps a State operated lead or graphite mine would be more accurate. But I have made a couple observations while playing here:

Players like me may make the money at times (even a blind hen finds seed occassionally), but the normal payout structure is pretty detrimental as I am usually just limping in under extreme far less than 10BB pressure.

So it seems logical then to play games with as flat a structure as possible. After all, if I am not heading towards a good ranking ITM, then I would want the money that is there to be spread equitably so I get my even share. Satellite tournaments do seem to fit the ticket as you can redeem the tickets for t-money (that you can use for other buy-ins) if you like, or play an nice tournament that even a marginal ITM placement will still give ok returns on your initial buy-in to the satellite.

Now I may be wrong, but there seems to be additional advantages. It seems to me that many players don't quite grasp that suvival is goal, not endless chip accumulation. You can only win one ticket after all - not matter how many chips you have at the end. This is good for a number of reasons that all tend to increase my chance of winning a ticket.  Other stacks tend to also play to double up instead of playing to weasel past the goal line. Which again is good for me.

In sum, my relative disadvantage seems smaller in Satellite type games and playing there has improved my overall loss rate nicely so far.

I am still losing. I am just losing less.