I had my first full day tilt yesterday. It seemed subtle as these things and was triggered by a few dominance positions going the wrong way. 6 rounds; finished middle (30-70%) 100% of time. Thankfully, there is no subtlety about the way my mind works.

First off, I verbalize variance. I should stop playing the first time I mutter: "Blazes, foiled again!" (1). I did not stop playing. So I held a self-study refesher course in colourful language use for most of yesterday. Which was useful in its way (I live in Northern-Norway, so am supposed to have a rich vocabulary at my disposal), but it was not the goal I was aiming for.

Secondly, finishing tournaments early frees up a lot of time to finish early in other tournaments. Luckily I have a rule that limits me to only playing certain types of tournaments. Sadly, I did not follow that rule. I did however stick to bankroll limitations...which lead my to playing sngs during interims. Which did not go well as you might expect.

Thirdly and most importantly, I began experimenting with styles of play after the preliminary madman period of early micro tournaments. I generally play tight-passive until I have 12 or less BB, then I play as tight as possible given the circumstances a lot more aggressively. To make a long story short. Loose aggressive does not work for me.

So lessons here: 1. Stop playing when on tilt. 2. Stick to rules I have made for self if stopping is impossible. 3. Stick to the style and type of game to which I have become accustomed.

I wonder how long it will take for the lessons to sink in.

(1) What I actually said is not really translatable, but involves stallion (male horse) anatonomy, the villain in Islam/Judaism/Christianity, and the pronoun of second person singular (you).