Here is how I misplayed it

(there are details like tourney type, buy-in, position, stack sizes, illiterate reads and what not, but I will spare you the details).

1 limper
I standard 2.5BB raise (I dont really have a standard raise, but am trying to get one. Its hard).
Blinds fold, limper calls.

Ace - yay. King - damn...the board prolly looks really scary to villain. Please have king, please have king, please have king...

Villain checks (drat, no king).
I check (I am not slow playing...I just really do not want him to fold).

I think I should have made a lethargic C-bet (say 25% of pot or something).

Another A - yay 4 of them. That looks mighty nice. Damn, no card to make him feel better about his hand and now my hand is way too strong, He is going to fold for sure, probably without bother to check first...Wait (he cannot see my hand can he? Wait...Yay. He cannot possibly think I have an A or K now can he?

Villain checks
Oh sigh. I check

Since I did not make the lethargic C-bet on the flop, I probably should have made a sleepy delayed c-bet now. Say 1/3 of pot.

Something or another. I forget.

Villain checks.
I think...then I think...then timer makes an irritating noise. I spend some time being irritated at that noise. Then I think...well, he must be a little bit curious. I shall make a curiousity killed the cat bet.

1/4th pot bet.
Opponent calls.

 I did not think this through properly. He may have paid more for a shot at highest card to go with two pair, or perhaps a larger bet would encourage a bluffy reraise of some sort.

Villain shows QJ connected. Yay me (and drat that no 10, jack or queen ever showed)

He would have paid more.

(you could have typed nh or something you villain)

So I have my bad beat buffer. How can I possibly complain about bad luck for the next year or so? And I did get to show my hand at showdown. Which is nice. In a showoff sense. Not that the hand was due to hard work, skill, dedication or was just how the cards fell, much as it pains me to admit it.