I retrospect I realize that my last post on bottomfeeding may seem petty and mean-spirited. That was far from my intent, so I thought I should clarify the purpose of my posts in general - My main goal with the blogs is to think through things and in that way learn something. Otherwise poker is just something that happens to me.

But the secondary thought is to share with players who may have their ups and downs. The poker world can be a lonely place on a long downswing, so knowing they are not alone is supposed to comfort at some level.

The bottomfeeding blog was meant to address mental states. It is human nature to blame something or someone when bad things happen. I have noted players tend to dislike being outplayed by people grinding away beneath their skill level. So I wrote a blog meant to help take a stoic view - yes, I am playing against people way better than me on occasion, but that is not so bad really. Not if I look at it this way...

I believe taking a "feel good" spin on horrible events is ultimately constructive. There is no way to change what has happened, so better then to have a bright outlook and perhaps see every up and down as a potential learning experience or even an amusing anectdote to share with others in a positive way.

I do admit to poking fun at players better than myself (the transfer mechanism description of skilled players at any level was meant to be amusing). But it was not meant in an evil-spirited way.

Humour is just another way of dealing with adversity I guess.

I hope the blog was taken in the spirit with which it was written. I strive above all to contribute positively to this poker community - in any small way I can.