Poker is a game of strategy skill timing intuition analysis n a bit of luck. It requires full attention. U cannot allow urself to  distract  by watching movies or listening to loud music etc while playing poker online or offline. Always be focused n keep ur eyes on the prize. No matter how well u play the community cards can be pretty good or devastating as u never know what ur opponent might hit. But watching Youtube videos on PokerSchool Online n reading books published by legendary players like Doyle Brunson n Daniel Negreanu. U will pick it come in no time. But remember Poker is a marathon not a sprint.. So if u get bad beats dont let it put u off ur game. Shake It Off n get back in the game. N always betsize a bet of which ur opponent will call if u hit the nuts. I wudnt recommend bluffing unless ur very sure of ur opponents hands. Online Poker n Offline Poker has their pros n cons. Offline Poker u can actually read ur opponent by taking note of thier body language! Online Poker.. well its much faster less stressful cuz not much pressure when ur alone at home n playing. U get it.  Take good rest be calm eat healthy. And dont let anything elsde distract u while ur on the tables whether its financial or family problems. Cuz I get it. But playing Poker in this site can earn u loads of money if u do it right. Goodluck at the tables out there