or should i title it "A LITTLE SLEEP GOES A LONG WAY" !!! Today shall be my LAST day of LUXURIOUS sleep for a while,thankfully February is a short month,as usual i will be OPEN LEAGUEing with the INTENTION of 1st place,2nd place is UNACCEPTABLE to me since i OWN the HIGHEST SCORE EVER,anything other than 1st place is a complete FAILURE in my eyes.NEW set of players though i know beforehand WHO the contenders are,including a 2 TIME OPEN LEAGUE   NO.1 .The PRESSURE starts on the 1st hand of the 1st tourn UNTIL the last hand of the final tourn,what a SLOG.As usual i have a FAN base which i STILL do not know how it eventuated,im getting RAILED.I can always easily make the TOP 10 but if i feel im not in a good POINTS ADVANTAGE i will BLOW MYSELF up.   My  2013  goals  are  1 OPEN LEAGUE title +++ 1 PREMIER LEAGUE title,since i have also MADE over 200 POINTS in 1 day in their league.Not TOO much to hope for,saving up for HM2 since this is ESSENTIAL for CASH games,they HAMMERED me there and NOW i KNOW why,they were CHECKING my STATS and PLAYING ME and not their CARDS and i DID NOT KNOW,until now.Off to BED asta la vistaa !!!