When i first arrived in OPEN LEAGUE,i only wanted to play 4 or 5 tourn per day,i soon realized that some names were always registered 6 times a day,it is an ADVANTAGE to play 6 tourn a day it reduces variance,so what did i DO.I joined them and became a OPEN LEAGUE MANIAC,these people from eastern europe are probably TAG TEAMING,the ??? has been raised on my PARTICIPATION PRACTICES.I certainly advise people not to follow this path if you are playing honestly it is a HEALTH HAZARD.Usually the tourn lasts between 70 to 120 minutes and you can sleep 2 hours in between tournaments,though you will still feel tired when you wake up.I only do this to finish NO.1 since i have achieved the HIGHEST EVER OPEN LEAGUE SCORE in its current format.I BOMBED OUT from 1st place again, this time with a 71 point lead,lost KK 5 times in a row so be back in FEB.If you use the clock and do not play you will always finish at 12%,good until 2300 points.The BRICK WALL arrives at 2500 points it then becomes much like a PREMIER LEAGUE tourn for the CONTENDERS.To win you roughly need 30 TOP 500 AND 5 TOP 200 finishes,hence 6 tourn a day gives you a BETTER chance at eventually getting a few more good results.It is actually harder in OPEN league to win a hand than in PREMIER league with all the 1 HIT wonders using bigg stakk bullying tactics and always calling to showdown.I have also made 220 points in 1 day in PREMIER league so i will be there as soon as I WIN this title,it's good for the POKER resume.In response to MOXIE PIP's statement about PARTICIPATION INTEGRITY i am WILLING to have POKERSTARS  ASIA/PACIFIC film me for a ENTIRE MONTH to prove it CAN be done{6 tourn a day]though it certainally isn't an advisable tactic.