It's been about a month since I won a MTTournament. I had a bad luck streak or a poor playing streak, or both for a while. But I finally broke through today with a $22 entry fee Pstars FL Omaha H/L8 tourney tonight. 42 entries made it a take home firt place of $336. This is still the game, either FL or PL, that I do the best at. Pokerschool's PSOC games helped me to learn this game that a year ago I really sucked at, to the point that I stopped playing for about 6 months. But earlier this year I started studying, started posting hands on the Forum (thanks to Buschman and RGattor for their help in answering my posts, and now I feel I can compete in anything. Even did well in the WCOOP, although a really bad call by another player and a perfect turn card for him (2 outs he had) dropped me out of that one. The final three people at this tourney took over 2 hours to eliminate. I was winning from early in the tournament, often losing a hand and going down one or two places, then winning a hand to go back to the top. Late in the game, with 8 people left I scooped a hand with the blinds at 400/800 and that launched me to the top. I held that until the final three people. Then I lost the lead for about 20 minutes and won it back with a couple of scoops when my AA23 hand hit a low and a Full House. (Pays to play good hands hard, as I took most of that person's chips due to my raises preflop and at every chance) After that, I kept waiting until I had at least two low cards < 6 an Ace and one other card with at least one flush. Then I'd raise. With the blinds at 500/1000 I had them both folding regularly either before the flop or right after the flop. By the time I was heads up I had a 6 to 1 lead. Looking forward to the PSOC finals this January! Jeff