Entered a Pstars limit Omaha hi Low 8 tourney, 62 people, this week, $22 entry fee and took home $150 in third place. I played my normal aggressive style and was in first place for most of the tourney, sometimes losing it for a few hands and then getting it back. The players were not very good, except for the final table players. I would say that most PSO members who play Omaha hilo, could handle a tourney like this. I took the lead early when a player pushed hard on a hand that I held the nut low and nut high, from the flop on. He kept raising me, I kept calling, and I only re-raised on the river. He was a bit silly pushing the way he did. Not sure what he thought he would accomplish. I scooped. Late in the game, with three people left, we were all pretty even on chips. I lost too much chasing one hand that after the flop I had the nut low and nut flush draws and another straight draw, only to miss on all of them. I ended up behind for the last hour. The three final players, including me, played for an hour before I finally lost out. I learned a lot from this and I know I can compete at this level. I've now tried multiple Omaha limit and PL games, $10 and $20 games, and a couple of $40, $50 and one $100 and $320 game. I find the play to be about the same in each. Take care all and keep playing solid poker! Jeff