I have to say that PSO really works. Anybody doubts it, they can talk to me. I've been playing a lot of Omaha hi/lo8 games on PSO for the last year and really struggled for quite some time. Then I started paying attention to the material, reading it, and joined a couple mentor programs (for Holdem but they help you in Omaha also!) My game really took off over the last few months. I started playing PLOHL tournaments on money sites and the results have been great. One Win, was posted earlier in my blog, and now I'm happy to announce a 6th place finish in a $10 rebuy tournament worth $360. I never really challenged for the win in this one, I was bubble boy for the last 45 people in the tournament, but somehow managed to stay alive until a crazy person called my AAK3 preflop pot bet and post flop bet ($2500/$5000 blinds) with his A267 and won on a flop turn river of A34(8)(5) and got me with his straight over my trips. So for all you who are struggling, embrace the classes, pay for the extra mentor programs, and away you will go also. (Just watch out for me at the PLOHL money games!)