It was a normal PSO 500 NLHE SNG. First I was late to the table (too busy reading my emails to notice the table) and had already lost a big blind, unseen. Next, two people were gone already and two doubled up. I came in, made a comment about being late and "Who knows how many AA hands I've missed already" LOL. Next hand I got AA in small blind. An unlucky person went all in, in front of me with QQ, and I doubled up on my first hand. 10 minutes later, that was still the only hand I played, other than folding the blinds. Then in the small blind again, with about 3800 chips, and my BB neighbor with 1000 less, I got AA. Lucky me, I'm thinking, I'm in SB, have AA and I hope someone bets. But nobody did. So with the blinds at 50/100 I raised 250. The BB raised me back 350 more, to my surprise, and I laughed to myself and re-raised him another 450. He called. The flop was 568 rainbow. So I bet 500 hoping he would have AK and decide to call me. Instead he went all in. Did he have trips? Would he have raised and called me with 7 9? I decided he must have KK or QQ, so I have a winner right? A small bet anyway for that pot size. Wrong again, he had 5 6 two pair and won the hand taking me down to about 1000 chips. Another 10 minutes later, with no other hands played, except the folds on the BB and SB, I get AA UTG. I look around at all the big stacks, and decide to go for a pot bet. Nobody calls and all I gain is the blinds. Finally, the tournament ends for me. I'm blinding out otherwise, so I go for it on Q6 suited trash, and lose. Total hands played in 45 minutes of play, Four. Hands played, AA, AA, AA, and Q6... Results, came in 5th. I guess tight doesn't always win. LOL. I think I learned not to mess around with the BB the way I did. After his re-raise I should have captured the chips by betting all in. I think with 56 he would have folded. I also probably should have slow played the last AA I had in this game. I was way behind and needed to take a chance that they would hold up and someone would try to steal the blinds with my limp in. Not sure about that yet, need to study some more. Your comments are welcome.