Hello everyone!


I am John Edgar R. Ragasa. I am from the Philippines,  22 years young and I play live poker for fun. I just recently discovered Poker School Online and would love to learn more about the game I love.

Personally, being part of this awesome community is a great opportunity for me to hone my poker skills and improve my game. I am also looking forward to meet new friends and mentors to share with anything that is related to poker.

Being a professional poker player is something that I fancy for quite a while now. I know this occupation could be very demanding. It requires a lot of skill, dedication, heart. Not to mention the amount of money required to be invested in order to survive and thrive in this wild wild field. I guess the thrill just excites me. I've been a risk taker afterall

This blog will serve as my medium to document my daily progress, to vent off my bad beat stories and what not, and hopefully be the medium where I share my poker success stories in the near future.

Buckle up folks. This is gonna be a long ride!