How difficult is microstakes supposed to be? Because I seem to always lose atleast $1.60 and have to work my arse off getting it back. I tend too. But I hate that I always lose some. Why do I keep losing? It annoys and upsets me beyond belief. Is it easy to dominate the microstakes ($0.01/$0.02)

I'm so annoyed about it that i'm thinking of slapping some more money into my account and just skipping the very first level. Or is this a ridiculous idea because I cannot beat the first level? I've played about 1500 hands and i'm up about $8.00 in profit.

It's so stressful because I don't consider myself a bad player and I don't think that I lack knowledge, I just can't seem to win money.

Are these essential for microstakes because they really don't seem to be working?

- Play position Button and Cut off I try to play mostly
- (I'm torn as to which hands to play but it's mainly category 1-5 hands)
- Tight Aggressive Poker (How tight is tight? 20% of hands?)
- Never bluff

Someone please tell me how to dominate and multi-table dominate so I don't develop trichotillomania.