I've been looking for a heads up display and i've been wondering. Do the pro's and absolutely everyone use HUD's or is it some do some don't? And am I better off buying one than getting a free one? Following that question which is best software to use?

  So i've recently put money onto pokerstars and i'm playing microstakes poker. I've put £10 and i'm up to £15. Profit! Woo! I'm wondering what you absolutely must not do in microstakes poker. This is what i've been doing, please tell me i'm not doing badly.
  I'm playing position, button and cut off mainly unless I can check the big blind. If it's checked round to me I bet the flop; I think I continuation bet too much, especially from early position. How often should I be continuation betting and what flops High flops like A-T-Q or flops such as 3-6-9? It's worth noting that most of the players I have played and have been searching for have really high fold equity so my continuation bets have an effect.