I was in the Hubble Free Roll, the top 72 get tickets into another tournament. It got down to about 150 players left and I was 74th, so naturally I turned more of a TAG player. I had an exactly average stack (give or take a few 1000) of roughly 75,000 chips. I had an M of roughly 20 (I think). I think I the blinds were 1000/2000 but don't call me on it.

Here's the hand.

I was in middle position and got  so I decided to min raise 4,000. The player to my left then raised to 10,000 and somebody called in late position. I figured a majority of the time i'm going to be better than 33% favourite to win so I called.

The flop came . I (shamefully?) went all in at this point. I The pot was 30,000 and I figure, If I get to the river I would be all in. If a possible flush draw comes on the turn i'd go all in aswell. And the chances are that somebody has an ace. I didn't put them on trips either. The preflop raiser folds and the late position caller calls with . The turn then comes  and the river .

I lost the hand and was completely devastated. Could I have not busted?


I got the ticket and finished 45 the day after