Wow, that was fun. I played a really good tourny and came out on top. The hand I'll remember most is when I picked up jacks around 6:30pm east(I know the time b/c my wife was nagging me to go to the store with her) and raised it. This guy then shoves and since I had decided to go with my wife, I called. I saw x/x/KING on the flop and went to get my clothes on. When I come back...much to my surprise I was still sitting at the table, with 15k chips lol. I spiked a jack on the river...go figure.

From that point I played a few more hands and built the stack to about 20k then left to the store with my wife around 6:50ish. Well when we got home I still had 15k and just played super tight waiting for premiums hands since blinds were so high. I squeeked my way into top 80, then bareley to top 46.

With just 27 players left, I was 26th. Hit a few hands and the rest was history. This LuckyLuke guy couldnt miss, I'm sure he pissed a lot fo ppl off with some of his plays(which weren;t all that bad). He just kept hitting everything. With him and his 500k-900k chip stack sitting to my left I had to play tight with 2 tables left. Once we hit final table he was on my right ad all was good.

Final table was fun, good players all around. The heads up VS reddog was great. I played aggressiveley for the most part while he kinda sat patiently and won like every hand. He kept getting quality hands and hitting. I honestly felt distraught and seriously doubted I would pull a victory out. My new bud Freddy helped me keep my focus and like magic...PRESTO!!! I won a few hands, doubled up and I had the massive chip lead. Then after putting reddog down to 250k or so, I knew he'd push the next hand with W/E. So I call 20k with my k/3 off, he shoves and I snap call. 

He shows the good ol' 7-2 off suit. Flop comes deuce tre deuce(2-3-2 for those who are...nvm). So then we battled for a bit until finally I picked up an Ace-7(I think...) and he had 9-3 of hearts. Flopped an ace of hearts..turn was an 8 of hearts, river was another ace. GG. And that's how it happened Ladies and Gents