Had an hour last night on two tables and played about 200 hands.

Interesting on one table with very aggressive players raising and re-raising pre flop which made it a little difficult to get involved and really sat back for the first 3 rounds without getting a look in.  When I did get a decent hand, found I was re-raised to which I called and then as pushed off the hand by a heavy bet post flop.  Didn't think I was strong enough to continue so folded. 

As is usual though hit pocket A and raised under the gun only to see all others fold which given my slow start was probably half expected.   

It is interesting at these levels though that there is a reaosnable rotation on tables which makes it harder to get a read on other players but this worked tomy benefit as with the usual rotation my hands improved and managed to play more of a natural game which enable me to restore some creditability and finished up $4 in fron which over two tables is a 20% return so can't complain.