This is my first post.  Thought it might be interesting to track how I am going but also share experiences with others.

I am from Australia so look forward to hearing from other Australians out there.

I have been playing for six months online on and off and despite taking some bad beats and hopefully learning some valuable lessons I am more determined than ever to keep going. 

I will admit I have lost a bit of cash - too much but think things have started to turn thanks to the online poker school that I have only just made the effort to sign up to and follow. 

Anyway, I am primarily platying cash games and have dropped back to $0.05/$0.10 6 handed games to assist me manage my bankroll a little bet and not hurt so much when I make the bad calls/raises etc.  I also play the micro 1 table SnG's a little but have gone back to trying to master the cash game first. 

I will try and provide a bit of an update whenever I play from here on in and will certainly continue to use the forum to post hands for analysis and read other peoples experiences.