I liked this video because i have difficulty in tourney.


i usualy play cash games and sit and go and i made some money with it. so i started to think that im good enough to go to bigger games to make more money. thats were im not good.

Chris, in this video, tells us how to make it through the bubble zone by being patient and carefull. 

He's showing us how to read people and how to fold when we need to, what is my biggest difficulty. I can now see why i lost my 180man games by seeing him win hands and fold what i would have called with. seeing a pro play is intresting because they know their basics by heart, what amateurs dont really know. he also tells us not to play 80% of the hands like people who seems to be winning in the begining, but will eventually lose. 

Well, this is a good video to learn how to have discipline and how to read other people's strong hands or big bluffs. I hope that i can do it myselft in 180mans games and win in bubble zone more often.

Jean-Daniel Thibodeau (JDThibodeau)