Almost a month since I last blogged, it’s been a happening month   poker wise. The MicroMillion series was back this month and I had plans to play a decent amount of it. Wasn’t going to play all 100 events like last time but still intended to play a major chunk of it mostly to chase the awesome leaderboard top prize which was Sunday Million 215$ tickets for 6 months… At first sold only for first 50 Events at 2+2 knowing I did not want to wear myself off like last time. Didn’t get into any TLB races like last time cause no one was able to organize. Wanted to book a TLB bet with nit mori but he was looking for 200-1000$ range. Asked around a few people to stake me half in the bet but got no takers :’(    .


Starting of this month I played a bit of cash…only 6k hands  and ended up losing like a 100$.Pretty much took a break until MM started on the 14th.The big difference I noticed between previous and this MM was the change of my turbo game. Simply to put it  I suck at turbos pretty much ,seems more like a crapshoot to me overall. But with help I was able to understand my mistakes and was able to make a few runs though nothing went on to make a huge conversion.
Event 7 the one I came second in saw another Indian make FT of which was a good sight to see.
I did not have as many cashes this MM like last time bt Event 35 I managed to FT. More of a luckbox run in the end  but guess that’s “VARIANCE neutralized “?
Here is #theRUN post 68

After this event I had a fair number of TLB points. Was around top 20 in overall ranking so knew I had a pretty decent shot. Moreover this time top 100 in TLB were being given out 215$ SM ticket different from last time where only top 50 got it.I came in 33rd last time so was hoping to better it this time.

After the end of my FT I sold another pack at 2+2 for  events 51-85.This pack was pretty much me getting Barry greenstined .
A bit of that rail

This pack ended at a loss with only one run majorly where I reraised shoved river  into a rivered BOAT with J high #fish .
By then I had grown m TLB points to 200+ and was in the safe zone to receive one SM ticket at least and more if I hot a miracle: P.
Things didn’t happen that way and final 15 events never brought any sweat .. Capping Main Event exit with a cooler KK vs AA.

After Micro million I wanted to learn more about how to play tourneys and applied to varios staking forums that would give staking and coaching.Hope I get into one and get to learn the game at a faster pace.


CASH 400$

TOURNEY  2700$
Also got the 215$ SM ticket for MM TLB..lets ship that 7th December 5M gtd SM.only 1.3M UT

Gl to all and may December get a lot of $ gifts