My current BR stands around 3100 and i got to know about xflixx challenge through a friend. I myself am doing the acoimbra(again TEAM ONLINE) challenge of 100$ to 100k but different to what he is doing I did not just limit myself to tourneys and SNG’s only. I played a fair bit of cash past few months and since I have somewhat of a decent MICROstake BR I can split it between cash and tourneys now. I myself have made only 550$ in cash but net for cash games is 1100$,this being cause we luck boxed the 100B Milestone hand in stake share . Oh u agreed also huh that am a luckbox , totally forgot I was 15-24 tabling all the 2 weeks until the final day :/ that does take some effort mind u.Am trying to learn more of tourneys atm but there are certain times I have like 2hrs free I can play neither SNG’s nor tourneys, also cause am a pro at turbos(sarcasm..i suck at turbos) cash games can easily fill that void.



So split is here then
All the cash played is in 9man Holdem and 6 man PLO so this couldn’t have been a better opportunity for me to see a PRO come down to micro stakes and grind it up while youtubing about it everyday.

His(xflixx) channel on youtube for any micro stakes player interested in learning cash..the GRIND IT UP CHALLENGE


Also here is acoimbra’s channel for the 100k challenge