For those who haven’t been following me from the start itself let me simplify it for u what’s happening. I undertook a BANKROLL challenge to convert 100$ to 100k within a matter of 1yr.I did not have a  happening first 3 months but the last 4 have been pretty happening. I play my side roll on mainly FTP .So this is my bankroll update after finishing up with my MicroMillion CHALLENGE (a part of 100k challenge) in JULY.
For simplicity I will take my % as 50% in my MM package though I had a little less. We ourselves made a profit of 1650$ in MM tourneys.




Previous BR update was 1430$ with 4 10$ stellar rewards.

Cash in July

Breakeven the starting days and then ups and down. Though I would grind cash during MM also but it was simply not possible. Tried once lost 30$ in 21 hands snap left the ring game.

http://<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo JULY_zpse22547e9.jpg"/></a>

Got demoted to SILVER STAR in August because I fell 800VPP short of GOLD.

Unlocked the 50 $ 5k VPP stellar rewards. Have 8k FPP’s.
55$ ticket I won in PSO league. And pending will get 215$ WCOOP ticket for coming 33rd in MM leaderboard which will have MM investors % in it.


I did make some extra money in leaderboard contest in 2+2 and others but that doesn’t count in the BR.