I promised i wouldblog abt the cash games before Micromillion  starts but ended up not being able to cause of the preparations i was making for MM.Extra laptop ,an emergency USB net stick,friends android device and a UPS battery backup to the router.This consumed msot my time and there wasnt much to talk about since i mostly ran breakeven till the end if i remebr right.



Am writing this in the middle of MM...i sold my package so the MM would not break my BR if thigs went wrong..i still had 50% of myself almost.What we can is its been a good series so far and i intend to make it larger..no spoilers..check the rail thread ..ya i want u to read it all lol...



And for the spoiler loving people(i couldnt resist)




60Event over i have a shot at TLB leaderboard ranks to..wish us luck