The right of passage for any poker player is to continue moving up the stakes he plays and continue winning...i started .02/.05 $ 9 man games$ when i had like 400$ essentially 80BI in my account...through semi-luck (MILESTONE stake share,played 50k hands in that period so not all is luck) and huge volume i was able to make profit.I made almost 300$ profit there playing add it with the 550$ ish bonus and all i crossed 1k.







I have now moved to 10NL bt not the 100BB game.I kinda feel it a bit short stacked ...ya 100BB seems short ..winning 1000BB pots in PLO must be the reason so am playing the .05/.1$ deep ante 0.02 game these days.Learning a lot actually.And actually nw feel thr is a huge skill diffence here.Ya huge even thought its just a micro stake jump.


So here is my graph since last update.


Also u will notice i am very much above EV..thats because i ran well in the 45/30/25 % probablity hands in PLO 3 handed all in pre.


For all those who r thinking hw good i run just ask me to send u my FTP out of challenge graph to u and then u will become happy i know


Here is my graph till date for this month.


So this gives me 130$ profit from the games.

Another thing i almost forgot was PSO Series of poker. ign=seriesofpoker

I have planned to play the whole series and over half way of it complete.I am in top 25 right nw.More importantly I won my first event after almost 5 FT's.I won the 1.1$ PLO event for 20$ more important than that for the BRACELET(virtual but atleast a start ).


So overall after all other buyins deducted i have to be up 140$ from last update so now the bankroll is