The first 15 days of this month has all been about cash games be it for POKERSTARS or me.The 100B milestone had created a frenzy that had brought everone on to the cash tabeles.I had been 12-24 tabling .02/.05 stakes for the past 2 weeks both in anticipation to hit the milestone hand plus try making money from the large amount of recreational players who came out.



THE BILLION HAND promo is awesome with only half of it yet done i was even more excited about the SNG golden tickets being from the SNG background.I started the month with PLO but quickly switched to Holdem so am to mass multitable.What i noticed abot my game was i was being a winning player when i was playing upto 18 tables without any hands timing out but when i was trying 24 tables I was running break even plus few times my hands would be times out...PLUS OFFCOURSE A FEW MISCLICKS......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Here is my graph upto 15th for cash games this month.

My  sessions till nw.

There's more GOOD NEWS ahead.On the fateful day of the MILESTONE hand i was as usual 24 tabbling trying to hit it.Alas i didn't but i was glad when i saw it hit in .02/.05 stakes cause i was sure i was gonna get a stake share for it .

So here is a pop up u would like to see frequently

So this has made a significant bumb in my Bankroll.This all added 790$ to my bankroll for a grand total of



GLAD I CROSSED the 1k mark.